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Syeikh Mohd Nazrul Abd Nasir.png

Sheikh Mohd Nazrul Abd Nasir

As the principal of Zawiyah Nasiriyyah Study Center, Sheikh Mohd Nazrul is one of the students of Al-Imam al-Allamah Prof. Dr. Ali Friday. Before returning to Malaysia, he led the Ruwaq Jawi study center in Egypt as Sheikh Ruwaq in addition to being one of the teaching staff at the Malaysian Embassy in Cairo. He is certified as one of the experts in the field of Arabic language, Sirah Nabi SAW, jurisprudence and religious texts, and is now trusted as one of the members of the Kedah Zakat Board.

Sheikh Nazrul is active in translating and writing in Malay as well as Arabic and has produced almost 20 works, including beautiful poems in Malay about the Grand Master of Rasulullah SAW.

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