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Syeikh Hairul Nizam Mat Husin.png

Sheikh Hairul Nizam Mat Husin

Sheikh Hairul Nizam is Sheikh Ruwaq Jawi, a traditional Islamic learning center based in Cairo, Egypt. He obtained his MA degree in the field of Usul Fiqh through research on the various views of Al-Imam Fakhruddin al-Razi in his three books of Usul Fiqh, namely Al-Mahsul, Al-Muntakhab and Al-Ma'alim.


Before working with Ruwaq Jawi, Sheikh Hairul Nizam held the position of President of the Malay Federation of the Arab Republic of Egypt for two years (2006-2007). He has produced 14 works of writing, including Tahqiq Kitab Jam' al-Nihayah fi Bad' al-Khair wa Ghayah and Tahqiq Kitab al-Arba'in al-Nawawiah.

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