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Baba Ismail Throughout Al-Fathoni

Tuan Guru Baba Ismail Sepanjang or Haji Ismail bin Umar is a Muslim scholar from Pattani, Thailand. He is the lodge teacher at Maahad Darul Muhajirin Narathiwat and is a Fatwa Committee Member of the Pattani Ulema Association. In 1993, after returning from Mecca, Ismail opened a hut in Kampung Kubang Ikan, Narathiwat known as Maahad Darul Muhajirin. In 1998, his hut was moved to his own village in Kampung Dusun Sepanjang until today.


In addition, Baba Eil also provides community service by teaching every Saturday at the Patani Mosque and every Sunday at the Yala Mosque. Baba Eil's lectures are often broadcast on local radio.

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